Wishes Granted

Here are just a few of the over 1,500 wishes Wishes Can Happen has granted over the past 35 years!


Tim is limited in mobility and so his wish was very simple.

It didn’t take him far from home, rather landed him right in his backyard with special equipment so that he can enjoy the…

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Titianna Dreams of Becoming a Model

What's the perfect wish for a teenager who wants to become a model? Shopping and seeing the sights in New York City!

Titianna told us special places she wanted to visit,…

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Born a twin, Torence's battle began at just a couple of months old when a cancerous mass was found. The treatments were long and difficult, and unfortunately caused him to have multiple problems that he…

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Trinity's life makes the local news and touches Justin Bieber's heart

Trinity excelled at so many things – especially school. The brightest of the bright she was. She loved cheerleading.

She loved her many friends at school.…

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Tzakary was critically injured in an automobile accident after an impaired driver struck into the car in which he was a passenger. Left in a wheelchair for the rest of his life with multiple…

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Vincent (Vinny)

Recently diagnosed with a debilitating illness called Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy, little Vinny will most likely be wheelchair bound for the remainder of his life. Wanting to take his wish while he's still mobile, he…

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Born with many complex conditions, Walter endures seizures and complications with cerebral palsy, as well as lives his life on a vent. This wish trip meant the world to his mom and dad. …

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Zach Johnson (along with his mom, grandma, brother and sister) headed off to the beautiful island of Maui for a week. It was Zach's wish to take this trip because he knew that his family…

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What could be better than turning 5? Turning 5 while on your wish! Little Zoe felt like a queen for a week every where she went! With a big send-off from Moana,…

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