Wishes Granted

Here are just a few of the over 1,500 wishes Wishes Can Happen has granted over the past 35 years!


You know the song, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes . . . “

...well, it couldn’t have been more true for this little family who had the wish of a lifetime. Wearing…

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Dylan was happy to share his wish with his little brother and two sisters. None of them had ever flown before, so it was a very exciting time! After checking in with the…

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Lovers of nature and the outdoors, Emanuel and family chose to drive to their wish destinations in Georgia to enjoy the beautiful colors of Fall. They enjoyed 4 nights at beautiful Skidaway State Park…

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Emerson is an only child born with multiple life threatening conditions. Watching her parents interact with her, you know that Winnie the Pooh was right when he said, "Any day spent with you is…

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Princess Emily:

Emily's wish was simple – ""A birthday party, please,"" said the soft spoken little girl. Wishes Can Happen turned her special day into a Grand Ball where she was crowned a true ""Princess.""

The scroll…

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Emmeline's wish takes her and family to Disney!

Wishes Can Happen sent 11 year old Emmeline and her five brothers and sisters to Disney for her special wish. Diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor earlier this…

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A standout in football, Ethan’s size made him a worthy opponent.

Cancer didn’t knock him down for long. Sailing through his treatments to a quick remission, Ethan is now cancer free. Ethan is a well-spoken young…

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Evan loved EVERY SINGLE THING about his wish. Just look at that smile on that face – is there any doubt at all? After having gone through many scary and painful procedures due to his…

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Faith had more than a little faith that Wishes Can Happen could make her wish come true!

She dreamed of attending the American Music Awards in Hollywood with her parents and best friend. With…

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Finnegan couldn’t stop smiling, no way – no how, and a wonderful time was had by this little family at Give Kids the World.

Earning his mouse ears early in the trip, “Finn” enjoyed the sunshine…

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A princess at heart, Gabi wanted to go to California Disney and meet as many as possible.

An honor student battling a rare brain tumor, Gabi carefully planned her trip so that she wouldn’t miss a…

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Diagnosed with a very rare condition that requires Gabriel to have a liver transplant, his family wanted to experience his wish prior to the surgery. Starting with a special invitation into the cockpit of…

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Gracie's wish request was a first for us - a backyard pergola! She wanted a place to have a tea party like the Mad Hatters in Alice in Wonderland! Her wish was our…

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Gracie Ann

Gracie has suffered since birth with multiple challenges. She and her twin sister are inseparable and there was nothing more they wanted to do than go see the princesses at Disney. Wishes Can Happen coordinated…

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Grady traveled with his family to Florida to all the magic of Disney and Universal. He spent 3 fun-filled nights at Give Kids the World and then packed up and stayed at the Disney…

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Greggory's wish had a little bit of everything in it, and every little bit of it was FUN! Greggory enjoyed horseback riding with the ocean as a backdrop. He especially enjoyed a snorkeling trip, ahh,…

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DISNEY! - Trip for Griffin and his four brothers!

When offered a wish, Griffin (pictured with hands up) immediately screamed out, 'DISNEY!'

Griffin and his four brothers are just the perfect age to enjoy all the wonder…

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Hannah LOVES Elsa and EVERYTHING FROZEN, so heading to Disney and meeting her favorite princess, Elsa, was just the ticket for this little cutie! Happily sharing every detail of her wish with anyone that will…

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Hatti's Wish = Remodeled Bedroom

Hatti was a kind and loving little girl with a smile that was contagious. She had a very rare cancer and fought it valiantly, always hopeful, always smiling.

Hatti thought about asking…

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Isabella was born with multiple life threatening conditions, and as the years went by, multiple more developed. Because of the love and support of a caring family, she has beaten the odds on several…

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Jace's wish was finished right in the nick of time prior to the COVID shutdown. Jace didn't want a trip, he said that he didn't need anything - that "Really, all he wanted was…

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Jack, 13 years old, was born with a lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). It’s a disease that affects the lungs and many CF kids cannot keep up with their peers during physical activities. Jack…

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Jacob suffered from headaches/migraines and was sent for an MRI where a 6 cm mass was discovered in his brain. Jacob was referred to Wishes by an ACH social worker. His wish was for a…

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The trip was amazing!

Every single day Jaden said to me that it was the ""best day ever,"" and honestly we haven't seen him that happy in a long time. I know this sounds silly, but…

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Diagnosed with a brain tumor at just six years old, Jaiden has undergone two surgeries in an attempt to resect the tumor. Because of its location, complete removal is not possible. Prior to…

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A beautiful girl with a gentle spirit and grateful heart, Jaliyah was overcome with emotion upon hearing the details of her wish trip. Feeling very magical in the World of Harry Potter, she felt it…

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Suddenly diagnosed with an extremely rare condition, Jane's life has changed drastically over the last few years. When offered a wish, she was simply overwhelmed with joy. She meticulously planned her wish and…

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To say Jessa loves Pluto is an understatement. Jessa ADORES Pluto! Pluto was a special guest at her wish presentation prior to the family leaving Canton. Jessa and family made the most…

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Jessica's trip to Maui, Hawaii. (Jessica is holding the purse)

""I want to thank you so much for your generosity in planning my Wishes Can Happen trip to Hawaii. We all enjoyed everything you did for…

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