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Our wish families have many anniversaries that they remember—the day they were told their child had a life-threatening condition is one that will forever be etched in their memory.
For one local family, they had barely absorbed the shock of learning that their son, Christian, was sick before learning that two of their other sons had the same disease. Seemingly overnight, Christian went from a healthy, active teenager to being put on the organ transplant list. His mom, Christina, said that Christian’s illness may have saved his brother’s lives, because doctors were able to immediately begin treatment to hopefully save them from a transplant.
Christian’s wish took his family to all of the amusement parks in Florida. They also visited Clearwater Beach, as he had always heard that the water was so clear there that you could see your toes. We are happy to report that Christian did, in fact, see his toes!
This family came up with another name for their wish granter . . . they just called her “The Genie.”

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