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Shopping sprees are another popular wish request received by Wishes Can Happen. Recently diagnosed with cancer, fourteen year old Nathaniel had a definite wish list of ‘must haves’ that included gaming systems, a laptop, and even a TRUMPET! Picked up bright and early in a big limo donated by Thomas Limousine of Akron, the morning started off rough, as Nathaniel wasn’t feeling well from a procedure a few days prior. But as the day went on and the excitement grew, he started to feel a whole lot better! First stop, Best Buy at The Strip where the whole group was granted “pre-store hours” and greeted with many store members and Nathaniel’s favorite breakfast food and beverage – waffles and Mountain Dew! Tipped off in advance that Nathaniel loved everything MINION, the Best Buy team presented him with Minion movies and made him an ‘honorary team member.’ Round and round the store they went, picking a ps4 gaming system complete with a TV, controllers, headphone and more! With Mountain Dew available at various locations in the store for Nathaniel, this gave him the energy to head to Stop #2 – Kohl’s.

Greeted by 30-40 employees and customers holding signs, blowing horns and cheering at Kohl’s, Nathaniel was simply overwhelmed! Three shopping carts were decorated in Minion themes with balloons so that every employee in every department would know where their special shopper was!

Long Horn pulled out all the stops, not only giving Nathan a wonderful lunch, but a delicious double layer cake that said, “Dreams Do Come True,” and presenting him with a special gift of ps4 chargers. A quick stop at Toys R Us for a bike and helmet gave one of the biggest surprises of the day – the manager donated them!

As the day concluded, Nathan was given the last item on his list – a great big box, beautifully wrapped – with his very own trumpet! Special thanks to all of the above for helping us make Nathan’s wish come true!"

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