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Nathan said that he knew it could be dangerous to meet your hero...

...but his hero, bass guitar maker Carl Thompson of New York City, didn’t disappoint. Nathan and his father spent a fun-filled, long weekend with this wonderful man that cried when we told him that Nathan wanted to meet him. “He wants to meet me for his wish? Me!” and then he cried.

Carl Thompson makes these bass guitars for many famous people, from all over the world. Nathan didn’t ask for a bass guitar, he simply asked to spend some time with this man he admired. They spent the entire weekend together. And on the last evening of Nathan’s wish in New York City, Carl invited him to an Italian restaurant where he had done a weekly gig for years. He also invited many of his famous friends that he regularly jammed with. Carl Thompson told all in attendance how touched he was by this young man, Nathan, that he used “his wish” on him. And then he called out, “Hey, don’t we have something back there for Nathan?” And out walked a man with an exquisite bass guitar, made just for Nathan. Nathan was so shocked – he described his wish as being hit with 1,000 Christmases, all at once. And that’s what it was like to know Nathan, even for just a day. 1,000 Christmases, all at once.

Nathan wanted to give back to Wishes Can Happen by helping us anyway that he could. He was always there for the Wish-A-Thon events sponsored by Mix94.1 and 1480 News-Talk WHBC.

Nathan passed away in 2015, and we will remember him always."

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