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Levi's face is priceless when he's told he's going to Disney!

Doesn’t this picture about say it all? This was Levi’s precious face, captured at the exact moment he was told that he was going to Disney! And the second picture was captured at the exact moment mama was “lining up her two boys.” In her own words entitled, Not All Fun and Games:

“A day and a half of this treatment has produced a certain amount of entitlement in two small boys. Paul snapped this picture of me addressing the problem at the entrance to Disney.” Levi was born with cystic fibrosis and sometimes life is a bit complicated, but besides this little snag, there wasn’t one complication with his wonderful wish trip! Let’s face it, is there anyone in Ohio who couldn’t use a little sunshine in the middle of February? “And so, here we are, just a little over two weeks away from an amazing trip that I can’t quite believe we’re going to take. There’s a red and black paper chain hanging in the kitchen, and every night we tear off one link, and count the rest. We got a welcome pamphlet in the mail today from the village where we’re staying. I’m really starting to believe it. We’re goin’.” – Levi’s mom, Carol

Yesterday was the first time Beanie asked a question about our trip and wasn’t entirely thrilled with the answer.

Will Buzz Lightyear be there? Yes.

Will Woody be there? Yes.

Can we go fishing? Yes.

Can I take my Leapster on the plane? Yes.

Will Muno be there? No.


I think he’s under the impression that Disneyworld is the place that all TV characters live. Why would the guys from Yo Gabba Gabba not be there, too? Fortunately, he bounced back quickly."

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