All Wishes

Keegan is a very hardworking and serious young man who had but one wish - hook him up with stuff for his upcoming college career. He didn't want to go a bunch of places - just one - BEST BUY - and so a GREAT BIG BEST BUY SHOPPING SPREE IT WAS FOR KEEGAN! In the years since this fateful day, that boy has turned into the most successful young man, gallivanting across the country! His mom said - "Madelyn - I really can't begin to thank you enough for what you have done for Keegan. It's not just what you and Wishes Can Happen have done monetarily - it's more what it stands for. Keegan doesn't ask for much (usually); he is quiet, flies under the radar - but for you to take the time to recognize him and make him feel special, it just meant so much. Thank you for giving him this gift. And that you for all the good work you do!" Lots of Love, Kim and Dan O'Reilly

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