All Wishes

We met Blaine and brother, Preston, at Rockne's for wish presentation and brought along his favorite fella - SpongeBob SquarePants, who popped in with some Krabby Patties. Simply starstruck, he was watching from afar in awe (truly, horror!) that his cartoon friend had come to life! After he left, he wanted him to come back and this singular encounter in Canton got him ready for all the costumed characters he would soon meet at all the FL parks!
Neither brother had ever flown before, so that was a big bunch of excitement that totally wore them both out! They BOTH had to lay down and nap immediately upon arriving at GKTW (and on the plane!). In FL, the love between these two brothers warmed our hearts. Both Blaine and Preston had a great time on their big wish trip. Nothing was missed, and memories were made to last a lifetime!

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