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Korey is a 14 year old who loves playing games on the computer – and not just any games, he love the SIMS reality games, and creating cartoons. Korey also planned to use his system to do schoolwork. Wishes Can Happen gave him an “Alienware” computer loaded with an extra high speed connection and great resolution to enjoy his games, as well as Powerpoint, Publisher, Word. We also included an extra special graphics program, since he thinks he might like to get into graphics someday.

""Hey Madelyn!

I'm just emailing a thank you for the cool laptop. I love the electric blue color and its awesome speed. I love how the words ""Alienware"" glow blue and to play Sims on the humungous blue screen. After I loaded everything, I found new programs that I could use for school, like Powerpoint, Word and many more programs that will help me a lot in school. I like how it is something I can always do, even when I'm sick or in the hospital. I dont think I'd wish for anything else. I dont know how else to say thank you in a way that's good enough for how appreciative I am!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!


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