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Aubree's wish was so fun to grant! Aubree's wish reveal was the first time that she would find out that in a few short days they would be leaving to go to Disney and meet her favorite princess, Ariel. Aubree's favorite restaurant in the whole world is Wasabi, so that's where we planned her wish reveal. When she first got there, she was sad and not in the mood to be around people she had never met before (us!). The party got started, and when she opened her gift with a Little Mermaid Barbie doll, she perked up a little. Then we asked her if she knew why she might be there, surrounded by her favorite family members and some new friends. She said she didn't know, so we had to fill her in on the surprise.

Aubree was SO excited to learn that she was going to Give Kids the World with her moms and her cousin, who is her best friend. She was overwhelmed with emotion and said thank you so many times. Aubree's mom shared pictures throughout the trip - they just had the most fun! She got to go up to the cockpit on the plane and meet the pilot to kick off their trip, and spent lots of time having fun with her family.

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