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We're so happy to put such smiles on the faces of our wish kids; but so saddened they have all gone thru so much.
Aubree was born with a serious heart defect requiring surgery as an infant and recently underwent another open heart surgery. Although there were some complications, she came thru fine - FINE ENOUGH to "pink-en" her hair to meet all the princesses at Disney! Greeted by her Fairy Godmother, Madelyn, with new wish granter, Kristi at wish presentation - a wonderful Sunday morning breakfast with lots of surprises were in store for the family! Aubree's mom says, "I wanted to thank you for giving Aubree her wish. We were truly blown away by the whole experience and how amazing everyone was everywhere! It brought tears to my eyes multiple times how amazing they treated us and what they did for her at the parks (especially Universal) and Give Kids the World. It was a once in a lifetime experience and we are so thankful! Thank you so much!"

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