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Jessica's trip to Maui, Hawaii. (Jessica is holding the purse)

""I want to thank you so much for your generosity in planning my Wishes Can Happen trip to Hawaii. We all enjoyed everything you did for us. The whale watching on a private yacht with Captain Seth was so incredibly relaxing and fun. Warren and Annabelle's magic show was hilarious. The luau was a once in a lifetime experience that all of us thought was very entertaining. Even though I found out I had no balance, surfing was challenging yet fun. We also took an opportunity to go snorkeling at Molokini Crater which for all of us was spectacular. The water look like blue kool-aid! We did get the chance to see whales breeching on the hour boat ride to the crater! The most memorable part was after surfing, I was walking down the stairs to go to dinner and missed the last step and fractured my foot! Who would have thought? Something like that would only happen to me! My family again wants to thank you for everything you planned for us. We plan on going back to Hawaii in the future because one week in paradise is not enough to see and everything we wanted! This vacation was just what my family and I needed to start off the year. Thank you again!"""

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