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The trip was amazing!

Every single day Jaden said to me that it was the ""best day ever,"" and honestly we haven't seen him that happy in a long time. I know this sounds silly, but his whole personality has changed (for the better) since the trip. He was struggling with unreasonable fears and anxiety before we went, and it's almost like our trip reminded him how to be a kid. Alex talked him into going on a roller coaster, and I haven't heard him giggle like that in a long time. He insisted on going on ALL the roller coasters at Lego Land, and even went on the Tower of Terror at Disney! He and Alex had the absolute best time. Alex thanked me ten times a day for bringing him along, and they both continue to talk about all the things that happened on our trip!

Since we returned home, he has been singing and dancing again like he used to before the diagnosis. He is starting in gymnastics, and we are hoping it will help him gain some strength and confidence back through that too!

I cannot say enough great things about Wishes Can Happen and we are so so grateful that you guys sent us on a trip. "

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