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Madison was born with Truncus Arteriosus and DiGeorge syndrome. Within hours of her birth, she was rushed into her first major surgery. With a hole in the heart and one ventricle, the doctors had to split it into two. That was the first of three open heart surgeries before she was three years old.

Since then, Madison has had several surgeries for related issues, but she continues to prosper as she works hard to overcome many of her health challenges. Madison had big dreams for her wish. Because she “was becoming a big girl,” she told her mom it was time for a room makeover.

Her mom and Wishes Can Happen decided a surprise wish was in order, and after a two-day like-a-realty-show room makeover, her favorite queen and princess from Frozen took her on a tour of her new bedroom: all new teal paint, carpeting, loft bed with all new “grown-up girl” colors, aquarium, TV, Xbox, Blu-ray DVD player, and Netflix for a year plus a PetSmart shopping spree! Madison screamed so loud, “I love it, I love it, I love it!” She couldn’t believe her eyes… and now she has plans to have the queen and princess over for a slumber party.

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