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Princess Emily:

Emily's wish was simple – ""A birthday party, please,"" said the soft spoken little girl. Wishes Can Happen turned her special day into a Grand Ball where she was crowned a true ""Princess.""

The scroll at her party read:

""Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Beloit, lived a little girl named Emily who was approaching the beginning of her ninth year. One day, a big beautiful limousine arrived just for her. She was whisked away, in her gorgeous red dress, to a lovely castle with the name of Glamorgan. There, she was met by a horse drawn Cinderella carriage and transported with great fanfare to a ball held in her honor. Amid proclamations from all those in power and the release of two white doves, she was presented with her very own castle, and everyone proclaimed this very special little girl ""PRINCESS EMILY.""

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Emily passed away just a few short weeks after her special Princess Party."

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