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We presented Archer's wish at a place where he could get his favorite foods - Red Robin! The boys were all so excited to hear the special details of his wish trip -a first for us - we sent a wish kid to Treasure Island! Archer doesn't do well in crowds, and so being at a "relatively quiet" beach with his 3 beloved brothers and mom and dad really 'floated his boat!" In his mom's words: "Archer had a fantastic time on his trip. His favorite part was the beach and swimming at the hotel. We got to enjoy perfect sunny water every day and soaked up as much sun as we could. Archer enjoyed building sand castles, hunting for shells, and seeing all the exciting sea creatures and fish. We ate at a great place called Shells where we enjoyed seafood - everyone had their favorite, Archer's was the calamari. Most of the trip was spent basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean. We got to sail on a pirate ship where the pirates sailing the ship shared stories with us, along with a squirt gun battle, limbo and a treasure hunt! We even saw some dolphins. A once in a lifetime trip! Thank you for the memories and adventures!

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