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Nasir's life has been interrupted lliterally hundreds of times with hospital admissions due to the severe pain associated with his condition. When we first talked to him and he said he wanted a shopping spree so he could get clothes for school - which started the very next week - within 2 days, we had him on his way to Easton Towne in Columbus. We figured this young man had experienced enough "waiting" in his young life, and we didn't make him wait a minute more for his wish! Chauffeured in luxury by Thomas Limo both down and back, Nasir and family stayed in a beautiful hotel where they enjoyed morning buffet breakfasts and hours of fun in the pool. We "hooked" our young man up at all of his favorite restaurants and stores. Nasir wasn't able to shop on the last day of his trip because of his health . . . Mom sent this text as soon as they arrived back home: "We made it back safe and sound yesterday, but Nasir was admitted to the hospital. I wanted to say thank you again for all your help and support!" We're so glad we were able to give Nasir a short respite and send him back to school in style!

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