2024 Night at the Races Gala

Saturday, October 12, 2024 • 6pm-10pm • North Canton Eagles

We are excited to be hosting the second Wishes Can Happen Night at the Races Gala! Last year was such a success, and so many of you mentioned that you would like to get involved in different ways beyond just attending. If you would like to donate items for a gift basket, or you would like to volunteer in some capacity to plan the event, or anything else, please click here to complete the form and let our team know how you'd like to help. If you're here to buy tickets or sponsor the event, below are the various options:

  1. enter the amount indicated below next to your ticket/sponsorship level into the "Donation Amount" field (first field in the form)
  2. select "one-time" from the dropdown next to the donation amount field
  3. complete the rest of the donor information fields
  4. enter the names of your attendees in the "Donation Note" field (last field on the form)
  5. press the "Proceed to Payment" button and enter your credit card information and click "Pay $###" (your amount will show)
  6. the page will refresh shortly and there will be a green bar with a confirmation message that you are registered
Single Tickets
Single Ticket - $75.00 donation
Couple (2) Tickets - $125.00 donation
Table of 8 Tickets -$500.00 donation

Wish Granter Sponsorship (16 tickets) - $25,000
Wish Operative Sponsorship (16 tickets) - $10,000
Wish Planner Sponsorship (8 tickets) - $5,000
Wish Believer Sponsorship (4 tickets) - $2,500
Wish Dreamer Sponsorship (2 tickets) - $1,000


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Ready to become a volunteer?

Let us know how you would like to help and we'll try to match you to some of our wish-granting opportunities!